The coolest visa in the world Palau Pledge

Palau Pledge2.jpg
The Palau Pledge.

Let’s talk about the visa. Whenever I go abroad, one of the most boring parts is to ask for a visa. As its hassle such as preparing photo which depends on the country’s rules or going to ask for the visa at those country’s legations make me waste so much time and money. However, The coolest visa in the world, Palau Pledge, totally changes my feeling about that.

Palau Pledge03
Online Palau Pledge in Koren cr.

The small island nation of Palau, the Pacific island-country, has been ecologically destructed by the hight level of tourism such as damaging reefs, littering oceans and poaching protected species by a large number of visitor which increase every year. They realize that to solve this problem with controlling the high volume of the tourisms by small local population with limited sources is very difficult.

To solve this problem, they made a new visa Palau entry called “ Palau Pledge ”. ‘Palau Pledge’ was entered for Palau Legacy Project by Host/Havas, Sydney, AU, part of agency network. For whoever wants to head to Palau have to sign the new environmental pledge to get permission at the immigration of Palau. The pledge is about promising the kids of Palau to preserve and protect their beautiful island.

Palau Pledge in many language
Palau Pledge in many languages

This Palau Pledge was designed and translated to many languages and extended to many media such as a website ( you also can sign the pledge online via their website ), an in-flight film, a passport insert, business accreditation and signage penalty. This campaign also got a lot of awareness via free media. Many influencers also helped to inspire people to take a pledge online. This campaign was so successful and won a lot of awards, for example, Black pencil award from D&AD and Grand Prix award from Cannes lion 2018.

Palau Pledge04
Online Palau Pledge in English cr.

In my opinion, this kind of problem existed for a long time and we all know how serious this problem is. It’s very difficult to solve this problem even we have the law which will be fine the people who destroy the environment.

This campaign solves this problem with the cute execution that may affect people’s heart which more effective than penalizing them. This campaign is not only creative but also wise. In the future, I hope this coolest visa will increase and be used in many countries in our world.




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