Internet stars with E-Commerce in China

The smart phone is popularized with apps more and more popular especially the social apps in young people. The internet stars are born with the promotion of social platform. The huge potential traffic is discovered gradually from these web celebrities who are kinder than super stars. The promotion of products is more natural with the high attraction.


Digital marketing has always been a popular channel among Amazon sellers. When many sellers want to build traffic, they would like to choose digital marketing, internet stars must be the first choice. Most of the sellers think ‘internet stars’ represents traffic, accurate customer purchasing power, profit. That means sellers only need to pay simple technology input, no manpower operation, short execution time, quick returns and other cost effectiveness. In especial small seller prefer to use that way to advertise their goods. Also, many sellers even though have signed up internet stars for their brand.


The sellers choose different level of internet stars to test new products, functional explanation, comparing with other brand’s products to guide consumption.Most of internet stars would like to make videos of products as ‘love stuff’, ‘worst stuff I have never used’, ‘New products testing’ to audiences. Some of them take funny video at the end of the video show the product. Different internet stars use different way to show the products, so there are many choices for different sellers’ demand.


If sellers want to use the way of digital marketing to clear stocks, they must find internet stars resource. First, they need to select appropriate internet stars who cooperate. Next, products must accord with the followers who follow the internet star. Third, during selling process they need to cooperate at a higher degree and work closely together. Finally, some of the followers who join sales promotions follow the brand too.


Some of Internet stars open online stores on Taobao, Jingdong, Wandou Princess which are an important way of selling products. They cover cosmetics, clothes, snacks etc. Several Influential internet stars


start a brand with their work group on their own, even though hold a company. They market their own products. Most of them used to like to choose clothes, because there are many factories of clothes in China.

Zhou Yangqing sets up a clothes’ brand Grace Chow. Annual sales revenue is ten million. Seven of top ten on Taobao is from internet stars stores.


She has four million eight hundred and sixty thousand followers, and average of the daily reading volume is one million.




She used to take videos or posting the pictures of the clothes, then put link at the end. She also is the model in her band.




Weibo and Alibaba open a party for internet stars who from Weibo every year, which is similar with The Cannes Film Festival for the stars ranking and giving trophy to encourage them. Nowadays We-Media is a new trend of digital marketing.




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