New Kempinski booking service through WeChat

WeChat has revolutionized the way you chat.  It’s more than a way to stay in touch with your friends or family, it’s the wallet of the millennia. Kempinski hotels know this fact and have gone further by integrating their service into the application,

The first thing many people do when they wake up is to check their phones. No one remembers the days when if you want to call your mom, tell her that you were late or that you weren’t going to eat at home, you have to use a pay phone. This fact shows that we can no longer live without a phone.

A good example of the advancement of technology is WeChat. I didn’t know much about this application until I arrived in Shanghai. Now, I think I can’t live without WeChat because it’s so much better than Whatsapp. Tt offers so much more in its app, as WeChatpay. The simple fact of buying a coffee or food is much easier with this application. Today, I no longer carry my wallet.

wechat pay

Kempinski Hotel Chengdu in addition to offering this type of service in their hotel, has taken WeChat to the next level. They offer a booking service through their official WeChat service. Besides, guests who use this new method can obtain different benefits: free promotion to the next room category, late departure until 16:00 or a complimentary Paulaner beer.

In conclusion, technology is changing so rapidly that we have to adapt to market and customer needs. A good example of this is the Kempinski Hotel, which has been able to adapt its product to the market, offering its service through WeChat because it knows a potential number of customers who use this platform.  They also get an important advantage, which is the fact that customers go directly to the company without intermediaries, which means that they do not have to pay commissions.






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