The store Auchan without cash register

Digital Marketing Auchan

 The store Auchan has deployed a new concept of cashing: so that the cleints can scan themselves their purchases and pay in complete autonomy.

Rapid'Auchan, this phone scanner that the customer handles in the store to do his shopping in the hypermarket Auchan.

Digital marketing scanmachine AuchanArriving at the store, the customers getthe scanner. He does his shopping by scanning barcodes every time he drops a product bought in his cart.

The positives I find in this concept is:

+ The possibility to know any price by beeping and canceling the article
+ The amount of your purchases
+ The machine recognizes you, it says hello, it's a detail but it counts
+ The speed of the checkout

But I see that there are also negative points like:
- Traditional cashiers are more fun, they give a look, a word
-To lose the job of the cashiers using this system
- The risk is to wait longer for quick checkouts than for traditional checkouts

Digital Scan the code
With the new Rapid'Auchan service integrated into the Auchan mobile aapplication, the MyAuchan store greatly simplifies the shopping experience of its customers: they can now scan their products with their smartphone, then pay for their purchases, also from their
smartphone via the Lyf Pay app for a 100% mobile shopping experience no more need for to not take out a loyalty card, credit card, basket items, or even get a ticket
cashier. Once payment has been made and confirmed, and the receipt isdematerialized, the application displays a barcode that the customer scans on a terminal to finalize the purchase process before
to leave the store. The host of the store are of course available to customers to answer all their questions if necessary.

Their main goal is to retain their customers. This involves meeting their expectations in to simplify their daily errands and offer them the choice to go shopping as they wish. Many of the clients, especially the Millennials, are looking to live in the store a shopping experience as fast, fluid and personalized as on the internet.


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  1. This kind of service has been implemented in Russia recently. Without doubt it’s convenient and saves your time but unfortunately not all people are honest…


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