Internet Stars how to make money?

The previous essay that I introduced was who are  the Internet Stars. So, you know how they  make money from internet? I will show you the way they makes profit. In 2016 the internet stars are the hottest topic in China, we call it Internet Stars Economy. Many people want to join this group. A lot of Internet stars who are ordinary people appear on internet in short time. ‘Internet stars’ we call it ‘wang hong’ in Chinese.


In June 2016, Zhang Dayi feature in Taobao as an internet star shopkeeper of  an online shop, Promoting new products for her shop. Four hundred and ten thousand people watched her live channel. Her video was liked by one million people. Also, she made ten million RMB for revenue. Papi Jiang calls herself ‘I am girl with beauty and talent’. She used three minutes funny video which is teasing social phenomenon. She got about one hundred thousand RMB from fans reward. Her first commercial auction was priced at 22 million yuan. Her brand valuation is also soaring, and breaking through the billion-yuan mark. She became the leader of the Internet stars immediately.

Internet stars economy refers to a new economic model which relies on the Internet, especially mobile Internet communication and social platform. Then Internet stars get a large number of social attentions gathering with a lot of fans. They form targeted marketing market, and derive a variety of consumer markets around internet stars IP. Finally a complete chain of Internet stars is formed.



This is the most direct way to make profit.



Most of internet stars build a Group Chats on WeChat, everyday they will send an message about their new sales promotion or discount with suggestions. Also they put the link with the news.



The brands needs to choose appropriate internet stars with same image-building.


Fans Reward

Followers give virtual gifts on online channel or directly give fans reward. Internet anchor live video on their own channel. Their primary income is the fans rewards from sending virtual flowers and cakes among other, different gifts at a different price. Followers buy it on social apps, then the profit is obtained by the internet stars.


Internet Movie

There are low threshold and high interaction with followers. Producer don’t spend much money to invite super stars. Film content include much grassroots entertainment, which is deeply loved by young people. Young people don’t watch TV program a lot. They prefer watching something on mobile phone. That is why many internet stars who have performance-based begin to make internet movies. when some of them post the really nice movies, they will get a lot of attention. Then they could even get in the film industry and transform from an internet stars to a real actor.


It looks very easy and profitable but  the work behind, is hard to know. Nowadays, the Internet has broken through the constraints of time and space. More and more young people use the internet to share the innovation from themselves to market themselves.


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