Travel in Bangkok … Travel like “Bangkoker”


Thailand is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world. This country is known as a symbol of the Land of Smile with delicious local Thai food, Thai snacks, and cheap prices. You can get different travel experience in big hustle city like Bangkok or enjoy beautiful landscapes on the crystal clear beach in Phuket and in Chiang Rai.

Nowadays, there is a new trend in tourism industry called “Travel like a local”. This trend became popular, especially among the millennial generation.


Have you ever wonder how local people live? How to eat in Thailand?

Thai Tom Yum Noodle at Kreungsen restaurant
Thai Tom Yum Noodle at Kruengsen restaurant c.r.

How they spend their holidays? Local Thai people enjoy having cheap but amazingly tasty food and get famous Thai massage to relax in the rest of the week. Don’t you think it sounds interesting? If you feel excited and want to try to live “Thai’s life” and go to Thai food trip you are in the right place.



Bangkoker hostel 

The concept of «Bangkoker» is to «make tourists feel like local Thai» and make a journey to the Bangkok local tour. Today’s travelers increasingly seek out the comfort and privacy of a hotel, as well as the additional benefit of meeting new people and networking. The future of culinary tourism will also move away from expensive dining to more authentic food experiences. «Bangkoker» is located on one of the most famous traditional Thai street foods Saphan Sam Market which can be the major interest for travelers exploring new destinations.




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