A luxury campsite named TaoVAN


TaoVAN is a concept born from the market needs to offer a luxury campsite to van owners. A place where you can feel the nature of the forest with an extensive coastline ofunspoilt beaches, located in Cadiz, Spain. A place to spend holidays with family and friends in a good atmosphere away from the noisy and polluted city. El Palmar is the place where we will build our business. A beautiful environment in southern Spain that we want to share with our customers, which we want to reach through different social media platforms such as youtube, facebook and instagram.

Our mission is to create a place where van lovers from all over Europe can meet, while parking their vans and having their second home here, enjoying the mix of nature and beach of “El Palmar”. We want to build links between our customers and our staff, building a large community of caravans.

TaoVAN 2
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