Yin Ba 隐吧: A Speakeasy Bar in Barcelona

1920’s Shanghainese style

Create a speakeasy hidden cocktail bar in the L’Antiga Eixample Esquerra neighborhood, the gay district of Barcelona. It will be decorated following Chinese art patterns from 1920-30 years and it will hidden behind a small contemporary Chinese art gallery.

Speakeasy bars were the illicit establishments that sold alcoholic beverages, like whisky, champagne or cordials during the Prohibition Era in the USA (1920-23). Normally this bars were located at the back houses of restaurants or offices and were difficult to find and only through invitation or through a password people could entered. However inside there were crowded.  Recently there are many bars that followed this idea, like The Back Room in New York Cityor Bordel in Chicago in the USA, and one in Barcelona like Bobby’s Free and decorate with retro style its venues and some are hidden.


During the whole 19th Century and beginning of the 20th  Century in Shanghai, Canton,  and all the China Towns around the world, opium dens were very popular. In here customers could smoke opium and have drinks, mainly Chinese tea. Some were very opulent, expensive and just focused on upper-scale clients, but others were very simple and for the working class. Mostly all of them were illegal so had to have a hidden entry. In the luxury one, there were multiple rooms with nice sofas and female attendants to make the guest ‘trip’ more relaxing. The clients of that dens were a mix of the most influential people of the city: Local and international businessmen and gangsters. The idea is to take the luxury ambience concept of those to the speakeasy bar.

The other concept is to place a small art gallery in the entrance of the location. This space will only show one masterpiece of the artist in order to get the full attention of the people. This masterpiece will be proposed by the art gallery headquarters in Shanghai.

Negroni https://punchdrink.com/recipes/dantes-negroni/


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