Uber VS Didi

Internet, the word that has changed the whole world. Can you imagine living without Internet?  It hadn’t been long since we had the Internet and we didn’t have the opportunity to take our phones out of our pockets in the middle of the street and see the nearest Chinese restaurant, for example. This is possible thanks to the Internet and the Smartphone. This technology has changed our lives, making them much easier. It has also changed the industry, making any company have to adapt their product to the technology. No matter what product or service you’re selling, if you don’t do it over the Internet, it’s out of the market.

In this context, the taxi industry has adapted to this situation, adapting its products to demand, making them more attractive and accessible to customers.  Today, if you’re in the middle of the street trying to call a taxi by raising your hand, they look at you like you’re crazy. These days are over.

Uber vs Didi
Uber vs Didi

Uber was the first application that appeared in the taxi market. Born in Silicon Valley, he has changed the way to get a taxi and is changing the way we move in cities. With the help of technology is creating a simple way to move from one side to the other, providing a safe, comfortable and quality service. Drivers are the engine of this change and to use it you only need a car, a Smartphone and a lot of desire to earn money. When you become a Uber driver, you can receive a good income and your payment will be weekly. Whether you’re a student, self-employed, retired, housewife or worker, you’re your own boss and that’s why you drive whenever and wherever you want. Uber technology gives you all the security you need such as information about all the people you pick up and all the trips, ensuring a safe and reliable experience for users and drivers.

uber map
Uber  global expansion
didi map
Didi global expansion

The use of Uber is very simple, download the application and register following these steps. Once registered, as a driver or passenger, you are ready to travel. Once the trip is over, you will be able to classify the user and the user will also classify you according to the service provided, bearing in mind that the maximum value is 5 stars. The value of the trip will be calculated automatically based on the time and distance travelled. The payment of the service can be through the credit card that each user must introduce when registering in the application or in cash.  In addition, from the application you can make queries, readjustments or report any incident that has occurred.

Uber app

On the other side of the market, we can find Didi. This company is the result of the merger of Didi and Kuaidi, from the Alibaba group. If you look at both companies, the product looks very similar, but if you look at it in depth, you can see how didi is moving away from its competitor. They offer the service through their application but also through others like Wechat and Alipay. You don’t need to download the application and log in. Another example is its integration into Baidu maps, China’s most popular mapping application. This means that with a single touch, I can order a taxi as soon as I find the place on the Baidu maps.

Didi offers different services and options such as an option that allows you to call a driver when he is drunk. This is popularly used after a party or after a KTV outing.  Didi already had a strong presence in medium-sized cities in China, while Uber was only focusing on a few large cities. So for people who needed to travel from one city to another, Didi became a more favored option.

Uber taxi vs Didi taxi

Last but not least, the factors that led didi to beat Uber in China were the simplest, such as name, price and coverage. For a Chinese customer, Uber sounds completely foreign and has no meaning in Chinese. In addition, Didi’s costs are often cheaper than Uber’s for most people, due to its cost structure that offers discounts for the most commonly used services.

Didi wants to go one step further and is redesigning the transport concept. To do this, they are using an aggressive global expansion strategy to reach as many customers as possible. The battle between these two transport giants has just begun.



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