Gender equality in Hospitality and other industries.

We need to uphold gender equality within the company. This is a natural obligation and a right that we must enshrine. There has been an improvement in the perception of gender equality in many areas compared to the past however, there is still a problem with this. Among them, the biggest problem is the personal perception we have towards women. The table below shows that there are more positive words for men than women. On the other hand, there are many negative things about words that describe women. This difference in perception is evident in the wages and promotions of men and women.

Managers use more positive words to describe men in performance reviews and more negative ones to describe women

If we look at the hospitality and tourism industry, it is made up roughly 70percent of women. However, when analyzing the company’s top positions, only 20% of executives and 8% of directors are female. And there is basically a difference in the basic salary that women and men get. Globally, with the exception of Silicon Valley and Wall Street in the U.S, the percentage of women in the high level of hospitality industry is very low.

What restaurant workers make in the U.S. (median hourly wage, with tips)
Women’s percentage of hospitality industry

This phenomenon is not only in the hospitality industry but also in other industries. First of all, if we look at the movie industry, male actors are paid more than females. In addition, the proportion of men who have won Academy Awards so far is five times higher than that of women.

In 2013, during the 85th academy awards, across 19 categories
In 2013 the highest female actor, Angelina Jolie, made $33 million, roughly the same amount as the two lowest-ranked men.

The same is true of the gaming industry. Nearly 80 percent of the game’s creators are currently male, despite the larger number of women in the industry.

Women account for a much smaller share of video-game developers

Women make up a large portion of video-game players

In particular, the number of male executives in the financial sector averages 75 percent. Due to these differences, the distribution of women working at lower levels is greater than that of men, and the proportion of women working at minimum wages is also much higher. However, the higher the position, the lower the wages women receive compared to men, as well as their positions are very limited. In other words, gender inequality  means that women receive lower wages in comparison to men.

Man make more than women in every U.S. industry
Gender Position

The problem is that in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, these inequalities are becoming more serious. Based on the current pace of technological development, 26 million jobs for women are in danger of disappearing. Also, there is still a perception among many women that the technology industry is male. Therefore, in the AI era, it is necessary to recognize the need for learning new technologies while continuing to support women to become more active in this area, and thus creating an atmosphere of. Inclusivity.

Numbers of male v female applicants to AI-related jobs in the US, 2017

There are still both conscious and unconscious prejudices in many industries that favor men. Currently, more and more companies are promising gender equality, but the results show that there are still many problems to overcome. Women are underrated in many respects, although they have received more education and a college degree than men in the last 30 years.

First, make sure that the review of recruitment and promotion is carried out fairly.

Second, we should give them the task without any discrimination and focus only on responsibilities and consequences.

Third, it is important for companies themselves to have a direct understanding of the gender inequality they receive and to deal with it carefully.

Fourth, invest more in the education of the staff in learning new skills. Distribute opportunities to play in fairly diverse fields.

Fifth, the plan of internal development and experience is reviewed. For example, ensure that all team members have the opportunity to discuss their aspirations and career goals.

Through this process, we will be able to gradually correct gender inequality that still exists deeply within companies. This would require that it is imperative for us to recognize and implement the benefits of gender diversity.


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