Inbound and Outbound Travel in the Digital Age in China

With a population of 1.4B for the whole of China, tourism has no sign of slowing down for the Chinese market. According to the World Economic Market, there would be 127Million arrivals in China each year by the end of the next decade compared to France and the US,furthermore, China is looking at 260 Million outbound trips by 2030 resulting to have the biggest tourism growth for both inbound and outbound travel.

The Chinese market plays a big role in the travel and tourism industry as they have one of the highest spending habits in the world. In this digital world, everything is just a click away, making travel very convenient. They have established a network of channels wherein they could avail anything and everything in a click in buying train tickets, airplane tickets, shopping, city transportation, and food.

Digital innovation is taking over slowly as times passes by. By 2022, the travel and tourism industry would grow further because of the digital travel bookings available. According to the Tourism Review News, it is believed that by 2022 China’s digital travel booking growth will triple than the United States, making China then the top digital users for travel and tourism digitally. Because the world is very inclined to the digital technologies, China has planned to provide online booking services, electronic tour guides, and free WiFi to all tourist by 2020 according to the China National Tourism Administrations. In addition, according to Mr. Xue from the article, “China has entered a new era of mass tourism. By 2020, the number of overall visits made each year by Chinese tourists is expected to reach 6.7 billion.”

The Chinese market now a days are becoming more aware in the travel and tourism industry. With today’s easy access in traveling, people in China are becoming more diverse in the idea of exploring different parts of the globe. With a population of 1.4B, different business segments are trying to create different strategies and reach the Chinese market by creating or including themselves in different marketing channels and search engines such as the WeChat, Baidu, the Weibo. WeChat is a marketing channels being used in China that plays a big role and influence in the travel and tourism industry. According to the Gentle Marketing Agency, WeChat is the top of the list of efficient marketing in China.

Digital marketing is all about knowing who to target and what channels would you use to target your target market. Different channels would have different effect to your target market. Below is the 7 of the latest digital marketing trends for 2019, not only in China but worldwide.

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Social Listening
  3. Video Content
  4. Local Influencer
  5. Make your message Personal
  6. Response Time
  7. Voice Search

Digital traveling is expected to get bigger as time passes by because it is a huge business that demands convenience to its customers. As different generations continue to innovate and develop digitally, traveling would be even easier to access, and tourism would even contribute more to the economy. As China continues to innovate digitally and people adopting to the different trends of digital literacy in travelling, Chinese market would even become more successful and more advance in the tourism sector.


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