Digital Marketing strategies from Hilton Hotels

Digital marketing Hilton Hotels

Hilton is a standout company among the most acclaimed hospitality operators on the planet. Hilton Worldwide claims twelve brands in its portfolio that include more than 580 Hotels and more than 680,000 rooms in 91 nations. With that many clients spread the world over, Hilton is faced with the challenge of providing the most advantageous channels of correspondence.

Senior vice president and chief marketing officer

Below, the Senior VP and chief marketing Officer of Hilton, offers her interpretation of Hilton’s development system, dissemination, faithfulness programs, millennial explorers, building trust with visitors and computerized advertising – including which channels she and the company will be focusing on in the coming year.

Senior VP at Hilton Worldwide discusses strategy in the future

In this article, I will investigate how Hilton uses social ‘tuning in’. Increasingly, more Hilton visitors are going to internet-based platforms to voice their worries, request client support, submit proposals, or give a recognition to the staff on a job well done. Hilton needed to figure out how to connect with their clients and chose to assemble a social listening technique to be as dependable as possible and react quickly to feedback on what is a very dynamic landscape.

Overall, Hilton Hotels gains about 1.5 thousand Twitter followers per month on a fairly consist basis. The majority of them are provided with extraordinary offers through travel agencies, publicizing, news, and visitors sharing pictures and labeling the location where they are staying. As you see, the majority of these notices don’t require a quick reaction and simply contribute to earned media.

The overall trend of posts having a positive sentiment rather than a negative one when discussing Hilton Hotels, is hugely uplifting and welcomed by the company and is good sign of the job they are doing worldwide.

The most popular social platform for them is obviously, Twitter, as can be seen below:

Social customer support

More often than not, people post constructive feedback and experiences to Hilton Online. They demonstrate their emnjoyment of a comfortable room or a lovely view, they thank the staff for their great service publically or simply state how great their stay with the Hilton was. This sort of feedback tends not to require a response fundamentally, however recognizing positive encounters of your clients causes a brand to appear to be increasingly sympathetic, involved, and appreciative. In addition, if your client is a social influencer to any degree, odds are the responses they make will not go unnoticed. That is the reason it’s a smart to recognize your clients’ positive posts, not just the negative. In this case, Hilton does it flawlessly!

But it’s not all roses and peaches: as with any big brand, there are occasional complaints – and in hospitality, complaints from clients are extremely important. You can deal with a broken toaster later, but if your living space is not in a satisfactory state, it becomes your top priority. That’s why time is extremely important here.

The frustrated visitors need a prompt answer — and in the event that they don’t get one, they will be significantly harsher with their evaluation. The normal reaction time for a brand to answer via web-based networking media is generally considered to be 10 hours, while the normal client will actually expect a response in up to 4 hours.

SEO technique for Hilton included:

• Compiling catchphrases to target (which keeps targeting limited and centered)

• Developing continuous official statements, articles, and fresh content.

• Building a good reputation with online travel organizations (such as and online feedback portals (such as

This sort of expansive way to deal with SEO requires a find tuned technique and the help of a number of SEO sources, from content creators to advertising authorities.

Social Marketing Insights

Hilton demonstrates that social listening can assist us with improving our public perception & additionally create brand loyalty, which could never occur without actively being involved in not just negative feedback, but postive too. What can be gained from this social listening contextual investigation?

The main point is to try not to disregard or ignore your clients. In the event that you see that they are picking online channels for correspondence (and for the most part they are), you should give them the best chance to contact you, and be heard.

Additionally, whenever a company faces criticism from a guest it is a golden opportunity to have access to them and to turn their opinion around. Every complaint provides a chance to create a lifelong guest, purely by the way that complaint is handled. For this reason, if Hilton Hotels can be active in dealing with complains quickly and effectively they can improve customer relations and their reputation with guests.

My opinion is that Hilton hotels should pay extra attention to the generations of the millennials, because these days the greatest percentage of travelers is that of millennials and it is growing. On the other hand, it is generally believed that this target group has the highest demands and is fully informed and familiar with digital marketing. With this in mind, Hilton hotels must create strategic packages like loyal guests and gain market share from their competitors from that particular target group through continuing to be activie and engaging through their online platforms.


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