Innovations In Hospitality Business. Where Fairytale Becomes A Reality

Innovations play a hugely important role in hospitality industry. Due to highly competitive environment, hotels feel a need to make new ways to attract guests and be effective. Today, we can see many luxurious hotels implementing new technologies such as robots, smart rooms and gadgets. Here are examples.

Hilton invested a lot in its mobile app Hilton Honors technology over the past few years, including Digital Key access and giving loyalty members the ability to pick their own room when checking in via mobile. Now the hotel is in process of creating “Connected Rooms” and intends to expand this feature to more hotels worldwide.hhhhhhhhhhhu.jpgThese new types of rooms will not be the same for all guests but personalized. Just imagine when you walk in the room the TV greets you and proposes films or TV-shows you like as well as your favorite beverages and food.The room will be mobile-centric, which means that guests will be able to control different options to their needs through the app. Besides, Hilton is planning to provide some rooms with smart speakers (like Amazon Echo or Google Home) to allow guests save settings until their next stay at the hotel. However, Hilton is not the only one hotel who tries to be innovative and technologically-advanced.

Marriott International, which is also one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies, recently adopted facial recognition software through a unique partnership with tech giant Alibaba in China. The new technology will be based on Fliggy –  Alibaba’s travel platform.  24453210-44c8-91f0-5e46-6b0f8e3ed46a.jpg                                                                                                                         

Traditional check-in takes about 3 minutes or even more during high occupancy, so people have to wait in long queue. In contrast to this, using FACE ID will help to reduce time to 1 minute by scanning and identifying guest’s face without the help of humans. This approach is pretty similar to one we experience at the airport kiosks.

The program will be tested in Hangzhou Marriott Hotel Qianjiangand and Sanya Marriott Hotel Dadonghai Bay with a perspective of global using in the hotel chain. Marriott claims that these technological advances will get a successfull feedback.

These stories seem to be unreal and something we could see only in science fiction films. Nevertheless, future is here and our perceptation of a traditional hotel is going to change very soon.


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