We are living in a time that demands imagination and creativity; the Ultraviolet in Shanghai. This is a restaurant where any lover of gastronomy should dine at least once in a lifetime. To convince you, the Chef Paul Pairet makes you discover the dream of his restaurant, furnace troublemaker, avant-garde cook and visionary chef.

In Shanghai, where the chef arrived in the mid 2000s, it’s something else. At Jade on36, Shangri-La Pudong’s flagship restaurant, it quickly made a name for itself. Before     finally establishing his reputation by opening Mr & Mrs Bund in 2009, a chic and trendy brasserie of the Bund where he deploys in his own way an inventive cuisine, between assumed nostalgia and unbridled creativity. Ultimately, the opening of  Ultraviolet in the spring of 2012 will propuls Paul Pairet to the rank of star chef in Shanghai and throughout Asia. It must been said that what has just been accomplished by the leader of southern origin, as betrayed by his singing accent and his permanent relaxation, is unique in the world.

At Ultraviolet, Paul Pairet went to the end of the things. There is of course the control of time that is consuming to him. This is why the ten guests; the ‘host table’ Ultraviolet does not contain one more seat. The transportation is done in a van from the Bund to a place on the outskirts of Shanghai whose address is kept secret. Each guest must arrive precisely at the same time. The smooth running of the dinner depends on it.

And then there is the rest, the multisensory experience in particular. It caused a sensation all over the world. The impressive imaging system, the diffusion of smells in the room, the diffusion of music that combines the service of each dish. Unusual fireworks for a great restaurant. <<Technology is not the subject of Ultraviolet. She is the support>> assures Paul Pairet. <<Everything around; music, images, smells; must give relief to the dish without ever taking over>>. The kitchen remains the subject. This is not just a dinner, this is a show.
Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet

Somewhere in Shanghai, China.

Open from Tuesday to Saturday (serve only dinner)

The Menu is from 4000 rmb to 6000 rmb

For the reservation is at least 3 months in advance




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