Ferkoussa bar is a unique bar in Shanghai where you get a chance to experience the quality of Halal meats and tapas while enjoying a drink. The chef from Morocco will provide its customers with a wide menu of Moroccan Halal tapas and main dishes with great care and pleasure.

In case you like to have some drinks while savouring some Halal tapas, but you live in Barcelona, then we are the solution to your struggle. Chinese tapas usually contain Pork and other meats which are not Halal.
Therefore, we know that finding Halal tapas in a bar is kind of a challenge for people who wish to eat Halal in Shanghai. FERKOUSSA BAR is a new concept, which allow our customers to savour good Halal Moroccan tapas while enjoying some fresh beers or other alcoholic drinks. We will likely give a unique experience to our clients with a fantastic service that isn’t just fast but additionally exceptional. There is no place similar to Ferkoussa Bar in Shanghai, where you can find a wide menu of Moroccan Halal tapas while enjoying your drinks.

Nowadays, individuals became more worried about what they eat. We know how vital food is and we also know that Halal meats are more delicious than others. There are people who can only eat HALAL, those people can also enjoy their time in a special bar like bar ferkoussa.

Our customer will be young people from 18 years old and above, people who want to relax ater work or simply friends that want to enjoy some drinks. Our objective is to provide these customers with the best experience of Moroccan Halal tapas and main dishes in Shanghai so that I can build my image on that.Moroccan-dish-tagine


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