Podcasting is an old and new tool in content marketing which gains more popularity. A podcast is a series of digital audio files downloadable onto your phone, tablet or laptop. In other words it is a modified version of radio.Why there’s the drastic jump in podcast consumption? It’s simple, people are looking for content they can consume on the go or as they work, and podcasts are the perfect fit. Over the last 20 years technologies have advanced a lot so streaming podcasts has become the norm. Apple has the podcasts app, and there’s also Stitcher, TuneIn, BlogTalkRadio, mobile apps that can integrate players easily. Current research tells us that podcast listeners are mainly millennials who keen to learn new things.


Many businesses are trying to integrate podcasts in their marketing strategy to bring awareness of their brand. So what InterContinental did.

“Stories of the InterContinental Life” has three episodes, all of which begin at an InterContinental property and explore the travel emotions of fascination, worldliness and empathy. The aim of podcasts is to encourage listeners to travel the world to discover stories that will excite their curiosity, broaden mind and take imagination to places they’d never been to. From bestselling authors, art experts, top chefs and cultural philosophers, InterContinental podcasts are about learning what it means to live the InterContinental life. The podcasts are supported by a microsite, which also includes additional videos and written content (InterContinental Official Website).

Screen Shot IHG.png

“We wanted to give our audience a reason to remember and recognize the InterContinental brand,” said Georgina Forster, managing director at Mirum, InterContinental’s digital agency. “This will help us insert the brand into conversations in a culturally relevant way and drive overall brand awareness and consideration.”

Unlike other forms of media, listeners tend to give podcasts exclusive attention and time. Listeners tune in during workouts, commutes, and other slices of free time. However, putting together a podcast requires time, money, and significant labor. Be sure you weigh the pros and cons before jumping in.




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