Hospitality Symposium 2019

Each year Postgraduate Students of Les Roches Jing Jiang, dedicates themselves to engaged leaders of the industry, in one half-day event, to deliver their thoughts on how our future of the hospitality industry will be shaped. Drawing from their personal experience and expertise, each keynote speakers will present a topic from their perspective to engage and inspire the audience.

The 3rd annual Hospitality Symposium brings together exceptional leaders from some of the most influential and innovative brands in the hospitality industry of Shanghai, on a half day high-energy conference and networking.

The event seeks to provide its attendees with unique session formats, and this year, the focus will be on how to Transcend Customers’ Expectations. A variety of exciting topics to discuss are on offer, such as the Impact of New Technology, Personalization of the Service, Wellness and Sustainable Tourism.

From Assistant Manager backgrounds to General Managers, each keynote speaker brings a unique perspective and experience of the hospitality industry and will share their thoughts on Transcend Customer Expectations and what will be the future of customer expectations.


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